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Republic of Moldova

The Republic of Moldova is the main geographic priority for RoAid. Since 2007, Moldova has benefited systematically from development assistance and receives the largest amount of bilateral contributions from the Official Development Assistance (ODA) budget managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

As one of the RoAid partner countries, Moldova benefits from support from all the institutions that participate in Romania’s development cooperation efforts. The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs as the national coordinator of the development cooperation policy and the administrator of the ODA budget has continuously delivered assistance by financing projects implemented by international organizations, NGOs or public institutions.  

Since 2007, the MFA has been working in order to support the development of the Republic of Moldova, alleviate poverty, improve living conditions and support the transition to democracy of the country. This was mainly achieved by financing development cooperation projects focusing on aspects such as human rights, civil society, gender equality, human security and social inclusion, as well as the development of infrastructure and basic services.

2013 marked a milestone in the development cooperation partnership between the two countries, as the first “Agreement between the Government of Romania and the Government of the Republic of Moldova on the general framework and conditions for development cooperation” was signed. Through this agreement, the two countries pledged to make efforts to achieve a maximum resource volume for cofounding common programmes and projects to fulfil the agreement. 

See all projects financed by the MFA in the Republic of Moldova. 


Other RoAid contributions in the Republic of Moldova

Besides the MFA, RoAid as a whole had a significant contribution to development assistance granted to the Republic of Moldova. These contributions have been mainly in the field of education and infrastructure, but also included contributions directed towards health, legal assistance and capacity building of public institutions and civil society.

The republic of Moldova is the main beneficiary of the scholarships offered by the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research. In 2014, 74% of the assistance offered by the Ministry was directed towards the Republic of Moldova. The total contribution dedicated towards financing scholarships in the Republic of Moldova was approx. RON 57,993,200 in 2014. 

In 2015, the Ministry's contribution reached RON 70,640,930.78, approx. 60% of it's Official Development Assistance.

In 2014, the Ministry of Health donated five fully equipped ambulances to the Republic of Moldova. 

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration contribution in the Republic of Moldova was mainly the field of education facilities development. In 2014, the Ministry also donated 100 school buses. The total contribution in 2014 was of approx. RON 125,170,816.

As a result of the project Increasing the Access of Children to Early Education in the Republic of Moldova:

  • Over 72,000 children enjoy better conditions after their kindergartens were insulated, repaired both in and outside, equipped with heating, water and drainage systems, playgrounds and pavilions.
  • Over 5,000 children can enroll for pre-school education as a result of opening new classes
  • Over 12,000 employees in pre-school institutions work in better conditions
  • Approximately 600 persons benefit from new jobs (educators, nannies)
  • Over 100,000 parents can work without worrying, knowing their children are in kindergarten

The Ministry of Justice supported development cooperation projects in the Republic of Moldova mainly in the fields of legal assistance for the country’s integration in the European Union, legal assistance in the field of probation and offering scholarships for prison agents. The Ministry also supported study visits for Moldovan and Romanian experts and exchanges of experience and expertise regarding court computerization. 

In 2013 and 2014, the Ministry financed workshops, consultancy services regarding volunteering law and exchanges of good practices for students in the Republic of Moldova. In 2014, the ministry supported projects for youth in the Republic of Moldova, with the purpose of raising awareness regarding youth policies and supporting youth development. 

In 2015, the Ministry of Youth and Sport financed two projects in the field of youth dialogue. 

  • Capital city: Chișinău
  • Population: 3.55 million
  • GDP per capita: $ 2,233 (2014)
  • Rural population: 56.34%
  • Lower middle income country

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